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Hawthorne James

“I want to thank you for inviting me to the event in Las Vegas.  It was certainly worth my time.  The connections I made will hopefully prove to be of limitless value.  There was an abundance of investment opportunities and in the future I am sure other business opportunities will increase substantially.

It is an event much needed for the professional athlete and you opened it up to many in the entertainment industry also.  These two professions are not that separate from each other.  We both can find ourselves with an abundance of cash at a particular moment and it is always the question, “what to do with the money” and “how can i parlay and maintain this bonanza, whilst I have it?”  To be in a place with a variety of ways to invest is certainly needed.  Too often that money is dribbled and drabbled away with not a thought as to where it went and why.  That leaves us with an unsure future.  At least this way there is a thought aspect as to what to think about to ensure a healthy financial future, when the cash no longer roles in the way we have come to expect and certainly become comfortable and accustomed to. Thanks again, and I look forward to next year.”

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