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Monika Roberts

The Las Vegas convention provided to be an excellent opportunity to explore business opportunities, network and to gain knowledge on how I can advance my current business and career goals.  The guest speakers’ range of expertise and information shared covered a variety of areas interests and they represented their products well.  I would encourage former (and present) athletes to take advantage of this great opportunity towards financially security and growth.  Anthony was an excellent host and I would definitely participate in future events!

Jennifer Stephens and Ezekiel Stephens

The conference is a great resource to athletes and many different points in their careers. It’s always good to get information on Wealth Management! Anthony brought in great speakers who presented us with deeper understanding on what the value of money really is. We now are beginning to understand the polices we need to put in place in order to make sure our family is financially secure. Thank you Anthony!

Linda Bamber

We were thrilled to be invited to the PABG in Las Vegas.  The BRAS franchise was very visible in your marketing with our logo on handouts and banners. Everything was very nicely put together and really gave us time to showcase our information to your attendees.

What we really loved about the convention was your attendees!  What a group of interesting, genuine people who were wanting to create a profitable business with a steam of income–but also find a business with a passion and purpose.  We have many good contacts from your group, both individuals and investors, so we were very pleased with the results.  We would like to attend more of your events!

George Nelson

I want to thank you for convincing me to take a booth at  your Pro Athlete franchise show .   Like most companies we participate and invest in a variety of events and activities for the purpose of generating awareness and leads for our business opportunity.  You and your organization delivered everything that you promised and exceeded our expectations.  The bottom line result is that we have already closed business from your show and have determined that your events are the type of venues that will contribute to the success of our company.  We look forward to continuing doing business with you and your organization.

Toi and Kevin Daley

My husband (Kevin “Special K” Daley) and I often have discussions about how LUCKY he is to be doing what he LOVES for a living.  (He is currently the Reigning Clown Prince of The World Famous Harlem Globetrotters).  We also talk about the “reality” that every Professional Sports career must come to an end.

For all athletes alike, the thought of having to “find something to do” after a sports career can be frightening.  Kevin and I recently had the wonderful opportunity to attend our first “Pro Athlete’s Franchise Conference” in Las Vegas this June, and we were absolutely blown away.

Not only does this Conference help teach Athlete’s that there is life after Pro Sports, but it provides the TOOLS to create that future.  The guest speaker’s at the Conference were very knowledgeable, and the information was priceless!!

Mr. Anthony Simmons, please keep up the outstanding work of using your platform to provide this MUCH NEEDED guidance for our Hero’s !!