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Capital Window completes new Branding and Website

Capital Window just finished a comprehensive branding and website overhaul that included changing the company name from Pro Athletes Franchise to Pro Athlete Business Group. The new name better encapsulates the principals vision for becoming the best-in-class business and investment events group for current and retired Pro Athletes.

Capital Window Corporation deploys end-to-end marketing [Click to continue reading Capital Window completes new Branding and Website]

Stephen Pierce

“I have a passion for kids and helping players around the NFL. We as player don’t really learn about the Pros and Cons of having a big sum of money fall into our laps. Most of us really don’t know what do with it until it’s too late. Statistics show that 2 years after playing [Click to continue reading Stephen Pierce]

Todd Spencer

“The Pro Athletes Show itself was resourceful, it meant a lot to me and my family about these recession proof opportunities.At the show the vendors were not pushy they didnt pressure me at all. The vendors represented themselves and their companies in high standards in a no-hassle, no pressure environment.”

James C. Barnes III

“I have had the pleasure in attending the last two Franchise Convention Shows in Las Vegas during the summer of 2009 and 2010. I really enjoyed my time there, because it allowed me to make investments outside of football, to help me stay finically stable and also to help put new businesses in my [Click to continue reading James C. Barnes III]

Pro Athletes Franchise changes name to Pro Athlete Business Group

Pro Athletes Franchise is now Pro Athlete Business Group.

In order to better encapsulate the message and vision for their corporate strategy the principals have decided to change their company name to Pro Athlete Business Group.

This will allow them to become the market leaders in business and investment events for current and [Click to continue reading Pro Athletes Franchise changes name to Pro Athlete Business Group]