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Toi and Kevin Daley

My husband (Kevin “Special K” Daley) and I often have discussions about how LUCKY he is to be doing what he LOVES for a living.  (He is currently the Reigning Clown Prince of The World Famous Harlem Globetrotters).  We also talk about the “reality” that every Professional Sports career must come to an end.

For all athletes alike, the thought of having to “find something to do” after a sports career can be frightening.  Kevin and I recently had the wonderful opportunity to attend our first “Pro Athlete’s Franchise Conference” in Las Vegas this June, and we were absolutely blown away.

Not only does this Conference help teach Athlete’s that there is life after Pro Sports, but it provides the TOOLS to create that future.  The guest speaker’s at the Conference were very knowledgeable, and the information was priceless!!

Mr. Anthony Simmons, please keep up the outstanding work of using your platform to provide this MUCH NEEDED guidance for our Hero’s !!

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