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Client Testimonials


Jonathan Wiggins

I appreciate the opportunity to represent my company at such a much needed service to Professional Athletes. I understand the concept of what Anthony and his team are doing for the athletes, after hearing Anthony’s story to why he started this business opportunity for his colleagues was a awesome story very heart felt. We watched the business grow form 2010 to present and what a dynamic job they are doing.


Demond Wilson

Total Life Change
I attended Anthony Simmons Pro Athlete business mixer in Oakland,CA…It was a awesome event filled with celebrities, business owners and networking professionals from all over the country…Anthony is a great guy and treats all of his guest like Royalty…Stay in touch and keep me informed on all events that involve you…
October 21, 2014, Demond worked with Anthony at Pro Athlete Business Group


Ernst Cash

Owner, Cash Financial
Anthony is a individual of solid character and integrity. His word is his bond. A God fearing man and person who has the heart of his fellow man. A strong leader who gets things done and a visionary.
September 13, 2014, Ernst worked directly with Anthony at Pro Athlete Business Group


Susan Santsche

Founder Courage Awareness and Health Advocacy Projects Spa and Salon Industry Leader owner of The Spa at Personal Choice
Anthony gets a 5 star rating . His Passion and execution of his vision to further the greater good for his fellow colleagues Professional Athletes is more then commedable. A man of Integrity!
June 26, 2013, Susan worked with Anthony at Pro Athlete Business Group


Cynthia Foreman

Cynthia Foreman ‘s Signature Products, President
I have had the pleasure of attending events that Anthony has put on and found them to be informative and beneficial. He also gave me an opportunity as a small business owner to highlight my business.
August 20, 2014, Cynthia was with another company when working with Anthony at Pro Athlete Business Group


Amon K. Arnold, MPA

Former Ping Pong Champion turned Consultant, Analyst, and Future Public Administrator
Anthony is a confident public speaker. Focused on branding and investment for Former/Retired Players.
August 18, 2014, Amon K. worked directly with Anthony at Pro Athlete Business Group


Verleana D. Green, Esq.

Law Offices of Verleana D. Green
I have had the pleasure of working with Anthony since he became President of Pro Athelte Business Group. Anthony is passionate about helping athletes, and works hard to ensure the financial success of athletes so that they can make a difference in their communities. Anthony is a fantastic leader, with a unique insight into the lives of athletes- being a former athlete. Being a former athlete himself. Anthony is a master at connecting companies with active and retired athletes.
August 7, 2012, Verleana D. was with another company when working with Anthony at Pro Athlete Business Group


Todd Galde

Sr. Mortgage Advisor at Commerce Mortgage
Anthony Simmons can best be defined as: CLASS ACT. Interacting with Anthony while working on the 8D project put me in touch with Anthony as a professional and a personal associate. He surrounds himself with quality people who support and encourage him, an important attribute of anyone you’re about to do business with.
August 6, 2011, Todd was with another company when working with Anthony at Pro Athlete Business Group


Monika Roberts

The Las Vegas convention provided to be an excellent opportunity to explore business opportunities, network and to gain knowledge on how I can advance my current business and career goals. The guest speakers’ range of expertise and information shared covered a variety of areas interests and they represented their products well. I would encourage former (and present) athletes to take advantage of this great opportunity towards financially security and growth. Anthony was an excellent host and I would definitely participate in future events!


Jennifer Stephens and Ezekiel Stephens

The conference is a great resource to athletes and many different points in their careers. It’s always good to get information on Wealth Management! Anthony brought in great speakers who presented us with deeper understanding on what the value of money really is. We now are beginning to understand the polices we need to put in place in order to make sure our family is financially secure. Thank you Anthony!


Linda Bamber

We were thrilled to be invited to the PABG in Las Vegas. The BRAS franchise was very visible in your marketing with our logo on handouts and banners. Everything was very nicely put together and really gave us time to showcase our information to your attendees.

What we really loved about the convention was your attendees! What a group of interesting, genuine people who were wanting to create a profitable business with a steam of income–but also find a business with a passion and purpose. We have many good contacts from your group, both individuals and investors, so we were very pleased with the results. We would like to attend more of your events!


George Nelson

I want to thank you for convincing me to take a booth at your Pro Athlete franchise show . Like most companies we participate and invest in a variety of events and activities for the purpose of generating awareness and leads for our business opportunity. You and your organization delivered everything that you promised and exceeded our expectations. The bottom line result is that we have already closed business from your show and have determined that your events are the type of venues that will contribute to the success of our company. We look forward to continuing doing business with you and your organization.


Toi and Kevin Daley

My husband (Kevin “Special K” Daley) and I often have discussions about how LUCKY he is to be doing what he LOVES for a living. (He is currently the Reigning Clown Prince of The World Famous Harlem Globetrotters). We also talk about the ”reality” that every Professional Sports career must come to an end.

For all athletes alike, the thought of having to “find something to do” after a sports career can be frightening. Kevin and I recently had the wonderful opportunity to attend our first ”Pro Athlete’s Franchise Conference” in Las Vegas this June, and we were absolutely blown away.

Not only does this Conference help teach Athlete’s that there is life after Pro Sports, but it provides the TOOLS to create that future. The guest speaker’s at the Conference were very knowledgeable, and the information was priceless!!

Mr. Anthony Simmons, please keep up the outstanding work of using your platform to provide this MUCH NEEDED guidance for our Hero’s !!



June 3rd and 4th I had the opportunity to attend the Pro Athlete Franchise Business Show. Held at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, and produced by Anthony Simmons, former NFL defensive lineman, the show brought together emerging businesses with professional athletes. The purpose was to introduce the athletes to possible investment opportunities. Attended by well over one hundred, eighty eight athletes and entertainers, the event served as educator, motivator and networker for the professional athlete-aspiring entrepreneur.
Superbly structured, Thursday’s activities included exhibition by the vendors, a meet and greet social and late night dancing and cocktails. Friday offerings consisted of the keynote speaker, Dolf de Roos a leading expert on real estate investment. He was inspirational, as well as informative. Various businesses also presented their products and services. There was also a brunch exclusively for the ladies. The event was capped off with a championship poker game, and VIP entrance into the Palms’ Ghost Bar.
I was especially impressed with the businesses “Bad Ass Coffee”, Teriyaki Wings and BRAS, an innovative woman’s health service. I would encourage any athlete to attend the Pro Athlete Franchise Business Investment Show. It is an excellent way in which to gain insight into creating wealth.

– Danjama


H Pearson

The Pro Athlete Franchise Event went far beyond my expectations of what normal trade shows are. This event gave me an opportunity to learn about different industries, meet the business owners and network with professionals who have the formula for creating successful business models. Dolf de Roos was phenomenal speaker and hearing from him was worth the trip by itself. What I did not expect was the fun I would have at the various networking and social events that Mr. Simmons provided. I was able to build strong relationships that are normally difficult to build over the span of a few days.

Every single retired and current professional athlete should be in attendance at these events as one of the main keys in building wealth is not how much money you make but how much you keep. Mr. Simmons provides an arena of qualified and trustworthy professionals who not only offer services but more can importantly educate athletes on how to make positive choices that will ensure their wealth can be sustained over the long haul.

517 22nd Street
Upper Suite
Oakland, CA 94612


Hawthorne James

“I want to thank you for inviting me to the event in Las Vegas. It was certainly worth my time. The connections I made will hopefully prove to be of limitless value. There was an abundance of investment opportunities and in the future I am sure other business opportunities will increase substantially.

It is an event much needed for the professional athlete and you opened it up to many in the entertainment industry also. These two professions are not that separate from each other. We both can find ourselves with an abundance of cash at a particular moment and it is always the question, “what to do with the money” and “how can i parlay and maintain this bonanza, whilst I have it?” To be in a place with a variety of ways to invest is certainly needed. Too often that money is dribbled and dribbled away with not a thought as to where it went and why. That leaves us with an unsure future. At least this way there is a thought aspect as to what to think about to ensure a healthy financial future, when the cash no longer roles in the way we have come to expect and certainly become comfortable and accustomed to. Thanks again, and I look forward to next year.”


Tico Wells

“The Pro Athletes Business Group is a very wonderful opportunity. It is a time for athletes past and present to mingle and be exposed to business ventures that maybe of interest to them. This is extremely important because without these type of events, their money can often be under utilized or inappropriately spent. The Pro Athletes Business Group offers an alternative to poor financial choices plaguing so many people not just athletes. Good job and thanks.”


Ricky Ellis

“I would like to thank you for the invitation to your Pro Athletes Franchise show in Las Vegas. It is an excellent platform for companies across the country to inform investors of so many opportunities for life after the game. I’m a veteran Alumni and I hate to see the young players so uncertain of their futures,not take advantage, after the ball stops bouncing. This, at the very least, is also an educational venue to see whats available for them when they are ready to make that life changing decision. As you and I know, if they wait too long the money is all gone and so are the business opportunities. The players were very well entertained at the venue in the Palms. Hopefully in the future the word will spread and many more vendor and players can take advantage of this WIN/WIN opportunity. I know that I will. This is a no brainer! God Bless your efforts and keep up the good work.”

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Kaplan Mobray

“Thank you so much for the invitation to participate in a wonderful experience personally and professionally. It was great to meet the attendees and business partners and glad to support the great efforts that you are doing to help athletes post and during their careers. Please let me know how I may be a continued resource to you and look forward to information on the February event. I will be sure to bring my Sax. As you continue your Journey know that you are helping many people. Thanks for including me on your team”


Jim Eades

“Nice work on the event. I thought it was productive for us. I see other possibilities that I can make my new contacts aware of. Thanks.”


Chris Taylor

“I attended the first three Athlete Investor shows and was very pleased with the results. I was presenting a very complicated strategy that was difficult for some to grasp in a group setting and believe the new format will be even more successful. Not only did I have good results with the athletes that were at the show, but I had very good results speaking and networking with the other vendors. That time was just as valuable as the time I spent with the athletes.”


Frank Middleton

“Pro Athletes Franchise Show has helped me a great deal. It’s an excellent venue to be a part of. I have attended two Shows, and I was pleased with the variety franchises, and how each one presented their business opportunity. I did not feel pressured to invest in any company, and I have told other athletes and ex-teammates about this venue. They are excited as well! This is a great opportunity and I am grateful to be a part of it now, but I wish this opportunity existed when I was an active player!”


Dana Middleton

“Coming to these seminars has given my family a great opportunity to stay financially healthy. They have a lot of fresh ideas to help us grow. There is a big transition from active to retired player and this can all happen so suddenly. The reality of the sudden drop in income sets in pretty quickly if you haven’t made the proper plans to keep your family living the same lifestyle. I’m very grateful for this program to help me and my husband continues to prosper.”


Jeff Stephenson

“Having attended the conference last year, I learned through the Pro Athletes Franchise Show, that there are many opportunities that given to both current and former professional athletes in the business world. I learned that it is never too late, or too early to begin to invest in various businesses. In these economic times, we find ourselves wondering about our future and concerned about the future of our families. I look forward to attending the Pro Athletes Franchise Show in June 2011.”


Stephen Pierce

“I have a passion for kids and helping players around the NFL. We as player don’t really learn about the Pros and Cons of having a big sum of money fall into our laps. Most of us really don’t know what do with it until it’s too late. Statistics show that 2 years after playing professional sports we will be broke. I know players that made 15 million dollars a year and went broke. So don’t think this money will last forever. I have attended 3 of these franchise investment shows and it has made the biggest difference in the word. You know how we always say, if I new back then what I know now. Well, here’s your chance to get some free advice. I will be the first to say, this is one of the best moves I have ever made and I wish someone would have cared enough about me to lead me into something like this back when I played. Putting these companies together with Professional Athletes is one of the best ideas ever. I have made a good amount of money every since I came into this. If I had more to invest I would. Remember, every company is not a match for you. Find out what you are passionate about, think about it and then make a move. I will let you know what worked for me!”


Todd Spencer

“The Pro Athletes Show itself was resourceful, it meant a lot to me and my family about these recession proof opportunities.At the show the vendors were not pushy they didn’t pressure me at all. The vendors represented themselves and their companies in high standards in a no-hassle, no pressure environment.”


James C. Barnes III

“I have had the pleasure in attending the last two Franchise Convention Shows in Las Vegas during the summer of 2009 and 2010. I really enjoyed my time there, because it allowed me to make investments outside of football, to help me stay financially stable and also to help put new businesses in my community. My investments will hopefully be a service to the community by creating more jobs for people and it will help keep some of our youth off the streets.”

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